Taking Advantage of Gundam

Big poster in Akihabara station promoting a special 30th Anniversary Gundam World 2009 event at Nasu Highlands Park. A smaller segment to the lower left is pimping the LEGO Stadium and the space center located in the same park.

Located a little under 2 hours by Bullet train from the center of Tokyo, Nasu has turned into a popular family resort area, especially for those trying to escape the summer heat and humidity.

When they throw in extra features that speak directly to the otaku's heart (almost always the father in this type of scenario), it's a given that the family will be spending most, if not all of it's summer vacation budget there.

Did we mention that they also have rollercoasters?

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One thought on “Taking Advantage of Gundam

  1. Do you know what is happening to the giant gundam after 31st of Aug? Will it move somewhere else or just be taken down?

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