Robot Review & Online Strategy

image1325008720.jpgLooks like Azusa-san did the KHR-3HV product review for the ROBOCON September issue, which is great. As a humanoid builder and competitor himself he has lots of hands-on experience and know-how to draw from. He's also a key member of the Bamboo Bridge robot soccer team, which is includes the top humanoid and robot technology writers in Japan.

We haven't read the full review yet, just the sample page that the magazine publishes as a free "teaser" on their website. It's a great strategy by the way, kind of like the tastey morsels that the supermarket hands out to shoppers to encourage them to buy food.

This approach allows the magazine to attract new readers and to encourage existing fans to make sure they purchase the latest issue. And because they only post the first page of a few key articles they aren't exposed to significant copyright rip-off issues.

We wish more magazines (hint, hint) would follow the same strategy.


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