New Books for the Robot Library

Had several extra minutes between our afternoon meeting and the upcoming dinner session, so we stopped by the Kinokuniya Bookstore next to Takashimaya in Shinjuku.

As usual, the staff had no idea about where the robot books might be hiding, still they were extremely polite and helpful.

The saving grace was that I could quickly bring up the Ohmsha Robocon magazine page on my iPhone so that they could check the store database.

Just a few minutes later I was the proud owner of the latest issue plus a "Mook" on the Japan Robot Olympiad that I wasn't aware of before.

Mook, by the way, is the Japanese coined word for a hybrid book/magazine that usually (but not always) has the meaty content and depth of a book combined with the larger format, gloss, and eye candy of a specialty magazine.

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