New Bioloid Premium Humanoid Robot (Video)

We got our first look at the new Bioloid Premium humanoid robot, designed and manufactured by Robotis, at RoboGames 2009 in June. It was quite impressive, exciting actually, and will definitely give the other humanoid kit robots a real run for their money. But, since we haven’t had the chance to test one ourselves yet, we have been hesitating to post very much about it.

Fortunately Limor and his crew over at RoboSavvy have their initial units, and have started disclosing their findings. First, here’s a video clip they put together during the robot assembly:

Do they like it? Their simple answer is a resounding YES! Here’s what they had to say:

“Just finished assembling the new Bioloid Premium humanoid from Robotis (this is the type B - second of 3 - documented humanoid configurations). The zigbee zig100 module is assembled into the head and also into the RC100 remote control. We didnt know if the servos were rightly alligned or if there were any pre-programmed moves in the new CM510 controller. Surprizingly all seems to work. The light in the head is zig100. The servos seem to move much faster, and dont make any noise. We think this is due to the new LiPo battery with higher voltage higher voltage because the servos are the same AX12+ models as in the Bioloid Comprehensive. The new look is great! (wire routing, transparent head and chest cover, controler and battery cases.”

You can follow their adventures with the new Bioloid on the RoboSavvy forums.


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