Michael Jackson Planned To Build A Vegas Robotic Hotel

Michael Jackson had plans in the works to build a giant robotic hotel. An article on the MTV gives the background on this larger-than-life mega project. According to the article:

"The idea came up as a proposal to build a giant robotic hotel," Patterson explained. "The face would move, shooting laser-beam-looking lights. The whole building would be covered with spotlights." Though Andre Van Pier passed away in August of 2008, Luckman and Patterson continued to develop the hotel/ casino concept after his death.

While Jackson's plans for a Las Vegas show came to a halt when he prepared for the "This Is It" concerts earlier this year, he remained interested in settling down in Las Vegas after the conclusion of his London engagement in 2010. In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Jackson realtor Zar Zanganeh spoke of a $16.5 million home in the same neighborhood as Wayne Newton and casino owner Phil Ruffin that Jackson intended to purchase.


One thought on “Michael Jackson Planned To Build A Vegas Robotic Hotel

  1. I had the MoonWalker ROM on my MAME machine… I remember after the MJ character captured his monkey he would turn into a dual-cannon, laser-firing “Super-Michael” robot.

    Admittedly, the game had a disturbing game-play feel to it… though not sure if that was because of the game, or just some prejudices catching up to me when the waist-high children ran up to hug Mike after clearing each level.

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