MakerBot 3-D System Enters Japan Market (Video)

HotProceed Japan, the same company responsible for developing the Blaser Robot Laser Tag system, is set to introduce the MakerBot 3–D Modeling System to Japan.

The MakerBot modeler, sold under the “CupCake CNC Basic Kit” name here, allows developers to create 3–D models of their creations at a very affordable price, and under their own control directly in their lab real time instead of having to depend on more expensive and time consuming outside model creation services.

What the system lacks in precision, it more than makes up for in rapid turn around time, interactive development cycles, and reduced cost, especially for small prototype labs, hobbyists, and hackers. This system will definitely prove popular among the Japanese robot builders and other crafts.

Here’s a look at the MakerBot system (in English):


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