Lonely Robot Needs Attention

After spending the afternoon at Kondo RoboSpot, and getting to play with the new KHR-3HV humanoid robot (it's really sweet by the way) we came home and started to dig through and explore a few of our own robots, like Mondai-noid, our original Kyosho MANOI AT-01.

We really want to get "back into the game" as an active competitor, not just a writer/photographer/reporter.

We haven't counted them recently, we're actually a little afraid to try, but it is possible that we gave more robots, primarily, humanoids, than your average, ordinary, RoboGeek.

That having been said, they don't do anyone much good by sitting on the shelf gathering dust. And since we happen to live almost exactly at ground-zero for the coming robot revolution, it's time to put all of this gear to good and practical use.

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