Hallmark To Release Robby The Robot Keepsake

Robby the robot
With the Christmas gift giving season rapidly approaching, stores have already started their holiday promotions and sharp robot fans are adding to their wish lists.

For example, Hallmark is offering a detailed, 4 1/2 inch tall, battery operated Robby the Robot keepsake that even sounds like the famous SF robot from Forbidden Planet. Right now the robot keepsake is shown on the Hallmark website for addition to your wish list, with availability shown for October.

Thanks to Eloise for passing this on.


3 thoughts on “Hallmark To Release Robby The Robot Keepsake

  1. Is there an instruction sheet included with the ornament? There wasn’t anything in mine and I can’t open the battery door. I’m afraid of breaking something.

  2. To open Robby I had back the screw out as far as I could, then pop the screw out using a small screwdriver to “pry” it out. Robby’s head thens tilts forward and has to be “popped” off.

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