"Greetings, all robot loving people!"


That great quote from Eugene Jun, President of the Organizing Committee for the Korea Robot Game Festival, sets the perfect tone for what is sure to be one of the most interesting and exciting robot events and competitions this year.

This will be the 6th Korea Robot Game Festival, and the formal competitions are scheduled for August 7th (Friday) through the 9th (Sunday), and run from early morning until late into the evening, even on the last day. Events include battle robot, humanoid (fighting, 2:2 soccer, and autonomous walking mission),  and junior robot (robot survival, intelligent robot, ball collection, push out, and multi-joint robot).

Competitors will include over 600 Korean entries from 400 teams nationwide plus 10 overseas players representing 4 countries. You can get a feel for the intensity and energy behind this event from the fact that they have included both amateur and professional classifications, and the web domain for the event is ROBOTWAR.


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