Champion Robots Are Just Like Kids (Video)

What happens when two humanoid robot builders, one a Japanese ROBO-ONE champion for half a decade and the other an American RoboGames gold metal winner without peer, meet up in Korea to fight it out?

Roaring testosterone? Tempers soaring out of control? Blood, guts, servo motors burning, gears flying?

Nope. Not at all.

They play baseball, of course!

And, they’re actually pretty good at it. Check out the action around minute 3:00.

On the pitching mound representing Japan at the Korea Robot Game Festival, is Mega Dynamizer designed and built by Tomio Sugiura. At the plate, doing a great job of connect with the fast balls (and wearing the cool slacks) is Zyn, created by Rob(ot) Farrell, the driving force behind Farrell Robotics.

Credits: Video footage by Clarence from A-Main Objectives, and transcoded by Limor at RoboSavvy.


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