Bringing Back a Robot Treasure

We had a great day, fantastic actually, and are currently headed back home on the train along with one, very unique, robot treasure.

You'll have to wait just a bit to find out exactly what's in that plain brown cardboard shipping box. But, we will say that it is a robot (of course), it walks upright on two legs, and has pretty awesome price/performance. We think you'll be very pleased.

We also had the rare opportunity to spend over five hours chatting with the robots innovative, and highly animated, creator. We toured the Nakano Broadway Mall to the west of central Tokyo for a couple hours, then grabbed some seats in a local coffee shop, and got down and dirty about robots until the owner finally politely kicked us out so that he could clean up the place and go home. It's a good thing he did. Otherwise we would have still been haggling over robots when the sun finally can up.

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One thought on “Bringing Back a Robot Treasure

  1. I think it’s a KHR 3HV no ?
    Or a wood robot 😉

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