What Do You Call A Group Of Robots? (Contest)


BotJunkie has been pleasing and delighting robot fans for two years now, and to celebrate their 1,000th post, they just kicked off a contest that everyone can enter and stand a reasonable chance of winning.

The contest theme is simple: “What do you call a group of robots?” Come up the best collective noun for a group of robots and you just might win one of the great prizes like a VEXplorer robot kit, donated by Trossen Robotics. a WowWee Robotics TriBot, and some great robot themed t-shirts.

Keep in mind that winning won’t be a cake-walk. Judges include well known, and hopefully knowledgeable, robot fanatics like David Calkins (RoboGames) and your’s truly (Robots Dreams). By the way, multiple entries are allowed (read the rules for the ‘fine print’), and anyone world-wide is allowed to enter and potentially win.

Did we mention how much we reallly, really love puns…?


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