What Could Be Worse Than A Group Of Lawyers?

How about a group of robot lawyers?

Pure science fiction? Or a possibilty that we should all take seriously? It's a real concern for leading scientists and researchers like Yueh-Hsuan Weng:

“If robots could interpret human legal language exactly someday, should we consider giving them a legal status and rights?” he said. “Should the human legal system change into a human-robot legal system? There might be a robot lawyer, robot judge working with a human lawyer, or a human judge to deal with the lawsuits happening inter-human-robot. Robots might learn the kindness of humans, but they also might learn deceit, hypocrisy, and greed from humans. There are too many problems waiting for us; therefore we must consider if it is a better to let the robots keep a distance from the human legal system and not be too close to humans.”

Keeping robots at a distance


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