Wall-E Was Italian?

image1958812870.jpgIn the Wall-E movie there wasn't enough time to really dig into and explore the trash collecting robot's origins. But, if reality follows fiction (at least Science Fiction) then Wall-E's ancestors may prove to have been Italian.

Researchers in Tuscany have developed DustBin, a mobile robot platform equipped with a reasonable level of autonomous operating ability and have already started initial field testing.

The robot is intended to provide 'on-demand' rubbish collection and disposal, a service concept that is long overdue.

Robot trash collectors aren't likely to go on strike for better working conditions, nor will they ignore smelly garbage getting ripe in the hot summer sun.

And, at least here in Tokyo where the local breed of black crow is large enough to carry off small children, DustBin robots would be welcomed with open arms.

Italian Robot Trash Collector


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