The Bottomless iPhone Money Pit…


Getting an iPhone is only the beginning. Once you have this totally addictive new device you quickly realize that you just can’t live without a never-ending series of accessories and applications. Since we picked up our 16G iPhone on Monday we’ve shelled out for five apps (not counting several that were free), a mobile power station, and what we’re calling the “Darth Maul” protective case…


This particular case must go by another name, but you can easily see why we were so attracted to it’s Star Wars Darth Maul look, even though it was a tad more expensive than the plain vanilla models. The feel is perfect for our large gorilla hands, and the bright color will hopefully insure that we don’t accidentally walk off and forget it anyplace.


The ‘mobile power station’, basically a plug-in 1000 mAh battery, should keep us up and operational long enough to make it through a long day. We’ll see. So far we’ve given the basic iPhone a real workout, to the point that we were running out of juice around 7:00 pm. If the add-on battery pack gives us another few hours of work time we’ll be happy.



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