Talking About LEGOS, Houses, and Robots…

image298283479.jpgWhile we're on the topic of LEGOs and houses, we should mention that over 3 million LEGO bricks were shipped direct from the Czech Republic to a field in the U.K. We don't even want to begin thinking about how much that must have cost.

It turns out that James May with the popular British television show 'Top Gear' will be using them to build a full-size house. The house will be complete with a staircase, toilet and shower.

Of course, a challenge like that just cries out to be topped, and we know exactly the premier robot/LEGO guy that would be perfect.

We think that Jin Sato, one of the best robot designers on the planet, a LEGO guru, and a ROBO-ONE champion should rise to the occasion and beat the British at their own game. Jin should use 4 million LEGO bricks, and some scaled up Mindstorms components, to build a huge version of his landmark MIBO canine robot, at least big enough to be a companion to the life-sized Gundam currently towering over Tokyo Bay.

Full Size LEGO House


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