Robot Camera Reveals Time Warp in Chicago…


Only the lady on the bottom right seems to have noticed that a Star Trek like time warp is sweeping across Chicago’s landmark Millennium Park swallowing up tourists and spectators…

Actually it’s just a small glitch in this really amazing panorama photo created using the Gigapan Epic robotic camera mount. The artifact is caused by the fact that human beings hate standing still for more than a heart beat, and doesn’t detract from the overall image quality and detail that can be achieved by the Gigapan technology.

The upside? Well, we haven’t tried it ourselves (at least not yet) but it’s highly likely that you could take a few panoramas of the same scene then use Photoshop to deftly combine them so that all the people disappear completely! Or just leave one lone “I am Legend” type survivor…

No, we haven’t gotten our hands on the Gigapan yet. We’re still waiting for our credit cards and wallet to recover from our three week US tour. But, sooner or later, you can bet we’ll add one of these to our bag of tricks. We’re giving a lot of thought to ways of using the robot camera mount to take really detailed product and close up images…

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One comment

  1. Sorry for the inconvenience, next time I reprogram the matrix I will try to do it at night :)

    Funny photo though ;-)


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