RoboPhilo Junior – Neat New Remote Control

image456219485.jpgOne of the high points during our review session with the RoboPhilo Junior was it's new PS2 gamepad type wireless controller. After struggling with IR based remotes (Robonova, I-SOBOT, the original RoboPhilo, etc.), the new controller is a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to use.

And, because almost everyone has played video games using this layout style, the button locations and functions are natural, almost intuitive.

The robot designers also realized that some customers may want their own custom layout, so they made it simple to remap the control keys (or combination of keys) so that it triggers any predefined command or motion.

The communication technology operated without a hitch during our testing sessions, though we should point out that we live in a semi-rural area without much radio or other electrical interference.

And, what are the best parts?

First, the new controller comes with the robot kit and is included in the purchase price, unlike other manufacturers that sometimes ask you to part with an additional $100 or more to get the same functionality.

Second, the new controller will be made available for use with the original RoboPhilo- a move that's sure to be applauded by owners everywhere.

Third, since the communication technology has been widely known for a long time and hacks documented on the Internet, it won't be long before users put together direct control apps to operate their robot directly from their PCs or networks.


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