We’re going to try and avoid the obvious puns, like “To Lego, or not to Lego, that is the question…”, and just cut directly to the chase.

Several readers, including one sharp eyed visitor from Italy, pointed out a striking similarity between the Korean ROBOKIDS product line currently on display at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2009 here and another extremely well known, beloved, but much more expensive product line from Denmark.

Apparently the ROBOKIDS products seem to be the same size, same design, almost the same color scheme, and even have a robot controller unit that closely resembles the original Mindstorms RCX in appearance. However,  according to an English Roborobo representative website the ROBOKIDS system was designed for the education market in Korea, and also includes the ability to scan program cards from a card reader which allows young students to program the robots without having to use a PC. And, the company does offer quite a few robot boards, perpherials, and sensors that we’ve never seen before. 


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