ROBO-ONE Soccer: What Do The Rules Say? (Video)

It’s been a long, long time since we played soccer, the human version that is. So, we’re a little hazy on the exact rules of the game.

If a soccer goalie drops the ball accidentally and it manages somehow to roll into the goal area, does that score points for the opposing team?

What if a player on the opposite team was doing a throw-in from the sidelines half way down the field and the same thing happened?

We’re not exactly sure what the correct call would be. Take a look at this video from the 3rd ROBO-ONE Soccer competition and let us know what you think.

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One comment

  1. Based on human rules that was a goal. The ball must be in play in order for a goal to be scored. Therefore it must be touched after the throw in. If the ball had not been touched it would not have been a goal. Amazing throw btw.

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