ROBO-ONE SOCCER: Robot Battles Continue

image1145045663.jpgThe teams only got a short, 30 minute break to do any necessary repairs, recharge batteries, and grab some refreshments.

In the course of the day, any given team may end up playing six or more matches, often with overtime and "sudden death" play offs. And, they're not slowing down for the next two days. Keeping in mind that many of the ROBO-ONE SOCCER players will also compete in the ROBO-ONE Gran Prix competition all day on Monday, it's hard to understand where they get all the stamina and energy.

We certainly couldn't begin to keep up with them.

The pace is pretty brutal, certainly much more hectic and demanding than what we experienced at RoboGames in San Francisco last month. With this kind of pressure, it's no wonder that these players are the toughest in the world.


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