RC Controlled Drill Tank (Video)

Paxshikai has been turning out really surprising and creative i-SOBOT videos on a regular basis for well over a year now, and he never seems to run out of ideas or inspiration.

More importantly, somehow he manages to bless his I-SOBOT based creations with neat little tricks and mechanisms, like laser guns, net shooters, and on-board cameras.

So we had a sneaking suspicion that he has some real craftsman and hacker talents that he wasn’t disclosing.

His latest video offering reaffirms our suspicions. His RC Drill Tank was modified from an off-the-shelf toy into a remote controlled robotic platform.

It’s just our opinion, for what it’s worth, but we think that the major toy and robot companies should be seeking him out and harnessing his talent and creativity. That is assuming that he doesn’t already work for one of them…


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