Japanese Otaku Go For Middle Eastern Fast Food

image1384641001.jpgWe have no idea why they are so popular, but these fast food style kebab shops have popped up all over in the past two years, especially in otaku/geek locations like Akiba.

This past Wednesday afternoon this particular kebab shop, located in a small side street, wasn't busy, but on weekends it's not uncommon to see lines running down the block, and sometimes around the corner.

The kebabs are relatively cheap, often super-sized (omori in Japanese), very salty and high fat.., well, guess that's why they are so popular...

If this trend continues, you can expect the average weight levels and heart proplems to increase very rapidly, maybe eventually catching up with their US counterparts.


One thought on “Japanese Otaku Go For Middle Eastern Fast Food

  1. Hey!! I ate there last time I was in Tokyo!. It’s right next to huge Taito Arcade!

    Love your webpage.

    I have published some of your articles in Make:en Español (http://es.makezine.com)

    The next street over that corner I bought my R4 DS cratridge.

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