Dallas Robot Takes to the Sky (Video)

Our friends in Texas at the Dalles Personal Robotics Group (DPRG) kicked off an new robot project with a very unusual twist. Their latest robot is actually a blimp that will soar through the skies… well, maybe soar around the house or school gymnasium.

At the ripe old age of 25, DPRG is one of the oldest, continously active, robotics groups in the US, perhaps even world wide. You can subscribe to their mailing list even without becoming an official DPRG member, search the DPRG archives for a wealth of information on almost any, and every, robot related topic you can think of.

Helpful Hint: Use the Google ‘Search Site” function to quickly identify relevant posts. The native post organization of the archives is pretty dated at this point, to say it politely. Thankfully the Google ‘Search Site’ function cuts right through the posts, cutting across threads, and will definitely point you in the right direction.


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