Cool Gadget, But….

image736072633.jpgWe ran across this really neat gadget right down the street from the Robot Kingdom, and for a brief instant we seriously considered buying one.

The device is a simple gripper handle with a slide button clasp. When you have heavy bags, or tons of new electronic gear, to tote back home and want to avoid having the plastic bag handles cut deep into your straining fingers, you just slip the bag(s) handles into the gripper, close the retaining clasp, and walk home in comfort and with a sense of security.

So, why didn't we buy one? At under $4, the price was certainly reasonable.

First, as much as we appreciated this innovative gadget, we realized that the odds of us having it available in our pocket or briefcase just when we would urgently need it were slim to none.

Second, and in some ways more important, we figured out how to do the same task for almost nothing.

As we fished in our pockets to pull out some cash we suddenly realized that if we positioned one or two of the larger coins in our fingers then placed the package handles over the coins it would serve exactly the same purpose without having to spend a dime.


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