Tools for the Robot Traveler


When you have a hectic travel schedule, like we did for the past three weeks, the last thing you want to hassle with is a rats nest of tangled cables and connectors. Over the years we’ve purchased, and shelved with frustration, numerous products that we thought would be the answer, including PC mice that used IR and several other communication technologies. Every time we ran into some limitation. Either there was interference, or the batteries went dead at exactly the worst time, or something else went haywire.

Thankfully, during the Texas leg of our journey our nephew suggested using a new product that we immediately fell in love with and have used constantly ever since.

His recommendation was the ReTrak 3D Uni-retractable Laser Mouse.


The Retrak unit design is simple, straight forward, fully functional, and extremely cost effective.


The mouse case includes a retractable cable that feeds through a slot in the bottom cover. Pop open the cover, extend the USB connector a bit, then make sure that the cable is in the slot and snap the cover back in place. As you use the mouse the cable extends to just the right length.


When you finish, unplug the USB connector, pop open the bottom mouse cover, and pull slightly on the cable. The USB connector and cable rewind back into the mouse body under the cover. Absolutely perfect. No batteries. No sensitive communication technology. Just simple and pure design that hits the nail right on the head.

Needless to say, we’re checking out the rest of the ReTrak product line


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