New Humanoid Robot Kit Set For Sale (Video)


JO-ZERO, Nakamura-san’s impressive humanoid robot kit, is scheduled to start shipping next Thursday (July 2nd), beating Kondo’s new KHR-3HV to market by a few weeks. With 20 degrees of freedom (the stock KHR-3HV has 17), and based on Nakamura’s long experience as a ROBO-ONE champion robot builder, JO-ZERO is very likely to give Kondo a run for their money.

What most people outside of Japan,  and outside the ROBO-ONE builder’s circle, is that Nakamura also developed the Motion Processor series of robot controller boards favored by many of the top builders.

Dr. GIY provided the 4 minute video clip below showing JO-ZERO demonstrating it’s flexibility and realistic moves.


5 thoughts on “New Humanoid Robot Kit Set For Sale (Video)

  1. JO-ZERO uses 20 Futaba RS304MD-FF servos. In Japan it will list for 126,000 yen (roughly $1,200).

  2. I have been informed the robot will sell for Approx $1680 Australian if anyone is interested, and that an English manual and software will be available (I’m just an interested prospective purchaser, not an agent).
    I think maintaining balance during the Karate punches and kicks shows the truly remarkable abilities of this product.
    I can’t wait till I can save enough money to get one for my son.

    My congratulations to the designers and developers of this unit, you have done a remarkable job!

  3. Very cute. But I want one on the order of something like from the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Something about 7’6″ tall and intimidating. Let me know when you guys have something like that.

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