Kondo To Unveil the KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot Kit Mid-June


Kondo is set to announce their latest humanoid robot offering, the KHR-3HV, the third generation in the popular and often ground-breaking KHR hobby robot kit series. The official unveiling will take place during the 5th KHR Anniversary celebration in Tokyo on June 13th/14th.

According to preliminary information from Kondo, the KHR-3HV will feature a slimmer body, improved flexibility (increased DOF?), serial servo communication, easier assembly, and many other improvements based on extensive user feedback. Kondo has become the defacto humanoid robot platform for ROBO-ONE builders and definitely benefits from their guidance and robot battle experience.

Unfortunately we’ll be on the other side of the planet, in San Francisco covering the action at RoboGames 2009 for ROBOT magazine. It’s a real sign of the times that robotics has become so popular that we are frequently faced with schedule conflicts like this.


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