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I-cybie robot dog

This one really had us chuckling….

 Usually robot builders tend to be very literal and don’t have a highly developed sense of humor or marketing savvy. But themumbys on eBay in Canada apparently is the “exception that proves the rule.”

They recently posted a used I-Cybie robot dog, which is fine-no chuckles there. But, it was the “marketing speak” they used that tickled our funnybone. The i-Cybie is described as a “rare and excellent ‘clone’ of the Aibo” and includes “the extremely rare Programming Card.” And the kicker, the robot dog has already been “pre-modified” to add a serial port. As for the robots operational condition, well the ad states, “The robot worked perfectly last I used him, but I haven’t used him in over a year.

All that being said, it does look like quite a buy, assuming it could be captured at the right price. We may even put in a bid ourselves.


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