Tsukumo Robot Kingdom Reopens! (Video)

Tsukumo robot kingdom

Tsukumo Robot Kingdom, a landmark for robot fans all over the world, reopened today after a renewal triggered by financial problems in its parent company. The shop itself, now located on the 4th floor of the Tsukumo Personal Computer main store in Akihabara seems well stocked and organized (video from Moriyama-san below), and we’re sure it will do well.

Strangely enough, Akihabara now has quite a few more robot shops than it did last year before the economic depression hit. Could it be that robots, or at least people’s interest in robots and belief in their future, will weather the storm? We hope so.

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  1. Glad to see they’re re-opened — thanks for the comprehensive video, Lem-san and Moriyama-san! I’ll have to visit again next time I’m in Tokyo. Gotta love the music they’re piping in there…

  2. Re-opened? Did the store close before?

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