RoboPhilo Junior Offers Great Price/Performance


We’re putting the final touches on another robot humanoid review, the new RoboPhilo Junior, and we have to say that we like it a lot.

The full review is scheduled for the September/October issue of Robot Magazine due out on the news stands on July 28th. Without disclosing any ‘spoilers’ or ruining the plot for you, we can say that the RoboPhilo Junior follows in the footsteps of its popular older brother, the original RoboPhilo, in offering excellent price/performance, especially for humanoid robot fans that don’t have huge budgets.


RoboPhilo Junior bears a strong family resembelance to its older brother, but is designed to cost considerably less while still preserving most of the features and programability that made the original RoboPhilo popular.


Servos are the single largest cost factor for any humanoid robot design. The Junior model eliminated several servos resulting in 10 degrees of freedom. We were pleasantly surprised at how small a difference it made to the robots overall ability.


We’ve confirmed that both RoboPhilo and RoboPhilo Junior will be competing in a few weeks at RoboGames 2009 in San Francisco. If you are in the area around June 12th to the 14th be sure to check it out. And, don’t hesitate to come up and say hello to us, we’ll be there with bells on.


One thought on “RoboPhilo Junior Offers Great Price/Performance

  1. The red decal / tape makes it look kinda cheap. Hopefully it will be!

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