RoboGate – ROBO-ONE Gran Prix Kick-off Event (Photos)

ROBO-ONE Gate Humanoid Robot Competition at Tsukuba, Japan
Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

We had a great time yesterday at the RoboGate competition in Tsukuba. RoboGate is the opening event in the ROBO-ONE Gran Prix series and sets the tone for the competitive humanoid robot season.

Of course it's a great opportunity for all the top ROBO-ONE champion builders, like the Sugiura (Dynamizer) and Sumi familes, Pento, Ive, and quite a few others, to show off their amazing robots and test their skills against the best that Japan has to offer.

At the same time, the ROBO-ONE Gran Prix events are used very effectively as a promotion tool, both for ROBO-ONE itself, and also for the venue hosting the competition. In this particular case, the RoboGate robot event was staged at the Namco Game Center in a brand new major Tsukuba shopping center. As you might expect, the battling robots drew crowds of dedicated ROBO-ONE fans, and also lots of new converts and their parents.

Check out our photo set of all the RoboGate ROBO-ONE robot action.


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