New VStone Robot Center (Photos)

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We had the opportunity to visit VStone's new robot center in Akihabara a few days ago, and were very pleasantly surprised by the wide range of robot products and displays. The robot selection included numerous humanoid robots, entry level kits, magazines, and even robot trading cards and robot key chain/cell phone fobs.

Some of the unexpected surprises included one of Maeda-san's OmniZero ROBO-ONE Champion robots, a large SF "dinosaur" type
robot, and several large humanoids.

Another real surprise was the store's location. It's on the fourth floor of a building that used to be well known in the 1980's as the home of Apple ][ clone builders. Although we would never admit to any direct knowledge, "it's been said" that the store that used to occupy the other side of the 4th floor in the same building sold tens of thousands of clone Apple ][ products back in the day.

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