MANOI Robot Builders Take Breakdancing to the Next Level (Video)

Breakdance manoi

We’ve often joked about programming our MANOI AT01 humanoid robot to dance like Michael Jackson, knowing full well that it would be almost impossible.

However, two well known robot guru’s here, Dr. GIY and Okamoto-san, put their heads (and hearts) together to create a highly tuned, and no doubt very expensive, MANOI hybrid that can really wail on the dance floor (video below).

They named their new robot “MANOI GO!”, which we’re guessing is a play on words. Of course, the meaning of “Go!” in English is obvious. In Japanese, “Go!” also represents the number 5, and could indicate that the robot costs at least 4X the standard model, which wouldn’t be surprising if they upgraded all the critical servos with the top of the line, high torque, Kondo KRS series.

There are also rumors going around about a major debut for this awesome bot. Stay tuned….



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