Kondo Releases Autonomous Robot Starter Set

Kondo1 robot

Responding to strong customer requests, Kondo, world-famous as the developer of the first affordable humanoid robot kit, has released a new Autonomous Robot Starter Set to add autonomous functionality to the Kondo KHR robot series.

The starter set combines Kondo’s KCB-1 control board, a PSD sensor, mounting bracket, connecting cables, manual (Japanese), and the KCB-1 software development kit (SDK) along with sample programs. The set is expected to retail for approxiamately 16,275 yen.

In addition to robotics researchers and labs, the new set will be popular with hobbyists and experimentors that want to compete in robot sports like autonomous battles and capture the flag events. We expect to see lots of competitors turn out with autonomous bots for the 5th Kondo KHR Robot Anniversary celebration here next momth.


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