ASIMO Meets RoboCountryIV in Takamatsu


Talk about a ‘dream come true’, the premiere humanoid robot competition in West Japan, RoboCountryIV, played host to the ultimate humanoid robot, ASIMO, during the Golden Week holidays here.

According to Keishi Matsuda, the event organizer and long time humanoid robot builder and fan:

“On May 2nd, 3rd Kagawa Humanoid Robot Society's "Spring Fight 2008 in RoboCountryIV" was carried out in Sunport area of Takamatsu city. Fourteen robots joined the tourrnament, and 4 of them were from  Kansai. Leghorn, HeeHoo hat , Yogorosa and Haroppo. The final match was held between Leghorn and Yogorosa, and the winner was Leghorn.

The most remarkable topic of this event was HONDA ASIMO joining RoboCountryIV. We wish that he could be our permanent participant. We were fascinated by ASIMO's awesome movement within near miss distance. Very very close...

We heard that the cost for ASIMO was more than X million Japanese yen...  This pageant was held thanks to the kind  grace and sponsorship of Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc.”


The event was held at the beginning of the Japanese Golden Week holiday break.


RoboCountryIV is one of the regional events that allow ROBO-ONE participants to pre-qualify for the big semi-annual competitions.

  Left: Yogorosa Right: Leghorn

It’s a real honor win against the strong competition attracted by major humanoid robot events like RoboCountryIV.


ASIMO put on some great demonstrations for the crowds, and it was a unique chance for the robot builders to see the famous robot close up.


Needless to say, the builders jumped at the chance to have their photos taken with ASIMO.


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