Takara/Tomy Set to Release New Pet Robot Series


We can’t share the details with you, at least not yet, but we can tell you that Takara/Tomy is about to release some of the cutest, and most interesting, pet robots we’ve ever seen. We had the chance to play with them and could hardly resist sneaking a couple into our pocket.


Leveraging the technology they developed for the best selling Robo-Q micro robot series, and advancing it quite a bit, Tomy’s new pet robots will come loaded with a set of surprising new interactive features.


Stay tuned for the latest information. We’ll share the details, along with more photos and some exclusive video, as soon as we get the go-ahead. 


4 thoughts on “Takara/Tomy Set to Release New Pet Robot Series

  1. Oh yeah, I remember the robo-Q series. They were a bit smaller than these ones and only responded to voice. It’s all coming back to me…

  2. My kids just picked up three of these from a garage sale. How do we get them to work?

  3. Please let me know when you have the news about the robo-Q.

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