Robonova-1 Robot Repeats TV Performance (Video)

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It’s been 3 years, almost to the day, since the popular Robonova-1 humanoid robot made its network television debut in Denmark (video below) and ended up going head over heels.

Fast forward to April, 2009 and Robonova gets a second chance to wow the TV audience. This time, as a member of a Japan pop music group, he only has to do a little backup singing and some simple dance moves.

What happened? Well, you get three guesses… and the first two don’t count.

First, the Denmark TV program that was broadcast three years ago:

And, a few days ago on a major Japan TV network:

Via: Pink Tentacle


One thought on “Robonova-1 Robot Repeats TV Performance (Video)

  1. Sad to see. The only publicity I’ve seen in a while, and it’s not the bot’s fault. His center of gravity was too far forward, and down he goes. This would be true for any bipedal bot with no gyro to correct such a tilt. Even more sad is the crowd’s joy. If the person who set up the moves tested them thoroughly, this should have been identified and corrected prior to the television appearance. The platform should have been flat and clean as well. Bad press for Hitec. Ugh.

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