Kondo Puts KRS Servos on Steroids


Driven by strong demand from the humanoid builder community, Kondo announced the latest addition to their industry leading KRS line of robot servos, the KRS-6003HV ICS Red Version. The new servo’s specs are impressive, but the good news from Kondo doesn’t stop there.

The KRS-6003HV includes full ICS support, 67 kg-cm torque, a rated rotational speed of 0.22 sec/60 degrees, 270 degree angular rotation, and heat sinking.



Kondo is also releasing group of option parts for the KRS-6003HV that will make life easier for mega-sized humanoid robot builders. First, there are several different case options:



The company will also release metal servo horns:

KRS servo horns

And, to make things even sweeter, there’s a Double Servo case option that should be perfect for applications that require extreme torque and responsiveness:


Expected Japan list pricing:

KRS-6003HV ICS servo  25,000 yen

KRS-6003HV ICS servo set (6 ea) 133,200 yen

KRS-6003HV ICS servo set (18 ea) 392,400 yen

Yes, there really are humanoid builders, at least over here, that won’t hesitate to pull out their plastic and pop for a set of 18 of these humongous servos, even if it costs just under USD $4,000.

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  1. Wow! $4K for a set of 18 servos each with 67 Kg cm of torque is not that bad! That is some serious power. And I agree, those case options look good (the Double case will be perfect for the knee).

    Now if they were only daisy-chainable and could speak some serial protocol, like RoboBuilder and Bioloid servos do, that’d really be something!

  2. Joe,

    The high end Kondo servos, including the KRS-4013, 4014, 6003 (new), are daisy chainable, speak serial protocol, and are to a large extent compatible with the Robotis and Futaba serial servos.

    Take a look through this comparision:


    and the detailed compatiblity charts:


  3. Thanks Lem! It’s great to see this trend. Years went by when robot builders had to make do with hobby servos that were really not designed well for robots. I’m glad to see that’s changing, and even classic hobby-servo makers like Kondo are now onboard!

  4. Really cool update on the new Kondo servos, Lem, thanks for being the robotic sleuth supremo in Japan!

    We will add this to the next issue of Robot magazine.


    Tom Atwood

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