ROBO-ONE on PC Event This Weekend


The next ROBO-ONE on PC is coming up this Sunday (March 15th) in Kawasaki. Rather than robot battles, the ROBO-ONE on PC events center around simulating humanoid robot designs to solve a specific problem or challenge posed by the ROBO-ONE committee.

The more recent ROBO-ONE on PC events have centered around the ROBO-ONE in the Space initiative. It’s a great opportunity for builders that are really deep into the technical and design details to share information and advance the state of the art.

During the event, most likely just after the lunch break (our guess), the ‘Jump’ competition will be held with 13 of the top designers tossing their robots in the air and crossing their fingers that the robots will survive the fall, jump up, and walk around simulating an actual robot moon landing scenario. Although we’ll be cheering for everyone brave enough to make the attempt, our personal favorite to win is KAZZ.

This time, in addition to the regular design/simulation competition, there will also be an Under 1 kg competition following the standard ROBO-ONE competition rules, though some allowances have been made. If there are at least 16 competitors, the competition will become a prequalifying event for ROBO-ONE 15 coming up this May.


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