Lego Robot Goes Bump in the Night (Video)

Lego robot monster

In terms of creativity and possible terror factor, this Lego robot monster, built with a mash-up of Mindstorms NXT, BIONICLE, Technic, and classic Lego bricks, is certainly a 10+.

The robot includes:

-One Intelligent NXT Brick
-One NXT Rechargeable Battery
-Three NXT Servo Motors
-One NXT Sound Sensor
-One NXT Ultrasonic Sensor
-One NXT IR Link (HiTechnic)
-Two Power Functions IR Receivers
-Seven Power Functions Lights
-Two Power Functions M-Motors
-Two Power Functions XL-Motors
-Two Power Functions Battery Boxes
-Three Power Functions Extension Wires
-One Red Electric Light Brick (2x3x1)
-One Pneumatic Switch
-Two Pneumatic Cylinders (48mm)
-One Pneumatic Airtank
-Two Technic Competition Cannons

plus some more LEGO bricks and pieces

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