It Always Takes Much Longer Than You Imagine


Two years ago, almost to the day, we were at the Spring ROBO-ONE competition watching the Sumi Family put on two great demonstrations with their unique humanoid robots. Just to make things even more interesting, and give the Sumi Family even more stress, a Discovery Channel film crew was recording their every move.


At the time we made a mental note to make sure and watch the program when it would eventually air. The producer with the film crew mentioned long production leadtimes which we took to mean it would be six or nine months before the program, including our favorite robots, would appear on TV screens in the US.


And, due to the time required for translation/captioning, and the broadcast scheduling of the overseas Discovery Channel organizations, it might be a year and a half before we were lucky enough to watch it here. So, it eventually slip out of our minds and was pretty much forgotten until yesterday morning.

We happened to have the TV on, and tuned to the right channel (we always try to catch ‘American Chopper” on Saturday morning), and noticed that the Discovery Atlas Japan Revealed episode was on.

When we had checked their English website in the past there was no mention of robots, the Sumi Family, or ROBO-ONE. Still, as we continued working we glanced up at the screen from time to time. Suddenly the Sumi Family appeared!


Of course we were glued to the screen after that. And, if that wasn’t exciting enough, in one of the sequences we noticed a familar leg towards the left of the screen. . . .


And, within a few seconds, the owner of that leg was revealed just for an instant:


 Needless to say, we were very happy, and will never forget that day.


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