Future Forecast Rapidly Becomes Everyday Reality (Video)

Att future

When you’re sitting in the warmth and comfort of your car traveling down the expressway listening to your favorite music it’s easy to lose track of how fast the scenery outside is changing.

The same thing happens with technological evolution. Since we are inside the technology ‘car’ we don’t recognize how fast things have changed. The 1993 AT&T TV spots below are a good example. It was only 16 years ago, and shortly after the web was introduced, yet its predictions are amazingly dead-on. How many of their technology predictions are you already using today?

It’s also interesting to realize that they didn’t include any robots in their forecasts, and that robots (other than Roomba) have yet to appear on the scene in any practical fashion.


2 thoughts on “Future Forecast Rapidly Becomes Everyday Reality (Video)

  1. Scary. I remember when those commercials were airing on television. Brand new. They kind of mis-timed the med history and the voice key. But they are in development.

    I’m feeling old…

  2. The only thing they got completely wrong in every episode…
    “And the company that will bring it to you… AT&T”

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