Wear Ur World Rocks the TED Conference


MIT Media Lab researcher Patty Maes created quite a stir at the TED Conference in Long Beach this week when she demonstrated the Wear Ur World (WuW for short) mash-up.

The WuW gear, which consists of off-the-shelf devices, looks for all the world like something straight out of Minority Report, only you get to play the Tom Cruise role. Using a tiny camera and projector, WuW is able to see what the user is experiencing, and enhances their view of the world by presenting related information.

Looking at a car in a showroom and having WuW project the latest Consumer Reports analysis. Or, looking at a new TV at Best Buy while WuW shows you not only online reviews but also how much cheaper you can buy it down the street.

The user controls WuW using hand gestures that the camera picks up by tracking four colored caps worn on the fingertips.

The WuW project webpage tagline is “WuW is having the entire world as your computer.” But we think that’s only the beginning. Link WuW up to a remote robot in a master-slave configuration and “WuW is having the entire world!


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