Unique Opportunity To Change Human Life Through Robotics


The opportunity to make a significant contribution that changes life on this planet and achieves major goals is rare. It doesn’t happen by accident. It takes participation by the best, brightest, and most dedicated researchers and scientists that mankind can offer.

With that in mind, Skynet Research, which is totally committed to state-of-the-art Robotics and Artificial Intelligence applications, has put out the call for individuals to add their own unique ideas, designs, and enthusiasum to the cause.

Skynet Research, already well known and respected in the devoted robotics community, has a number of advanced robotics projects underway, including the impressive Search and Rescue Bot shown above.


With it’s autonomous operating capability, the Skynet Aquatic Workbot will enable the construction and repair of underwater structures and facilities that were long believed to be impossible due to the harsh environment conditions experienced at great depths.


The highly efficient Skynet High Speed Constructor, also equipped with autonomous capability, makes it possible to build, or demolish, large structures, even when there is no direct human control available.

As impressive as it’s creations already are, Skynet realizes that to make the leap to the next level it will need help from the best that mankind has to offer. And, to create the best products, and the best future, it needs to know more about what motivates mankind. What are your dreams, your ambitions, your desires? If it can clearly understand how you tick, then it has a much better chance of delivering on it’s promises for the future.

With that in mind, Skynet has issued a “Call for Robot Designs” asking all interested individuals to submit robot designs. Robot designs can be entered via short videos, sketches, technical papers, or almost any medium you prefer. The best designs, as selected by the Skynet experts, will be featured on their website.

To help inspire potential contributors, and to raise the level of practical robotic designs, Skynet is offering it’s Robotic Enhancement Module Model 101 free of charge to qualified applicants. The advanced module is “… compatible with any consumer grade robot regardless of function, and will provide a new level of speed and efficiency to its performance.

Here’s a video covering the Enhancement Module:

So, if you are fascinated by robots or artificial intelligence and want to make a difference, get over to the Skynet Research website and become one of their growing team of contributors.

Of course, some people may want to give it a second thought, or consider the possibility of alternate outcomes. Things don’t always turn out the way we think they will, even in robotics. And, until time travel is invented we won’t have the opportunity to come back an unravel any mistakes in judgement.


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  1. Reminds me of the Buy N Large viral advertisements for Wall-e.

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