Prototyping Complex Robot Gripper Designs (Video)

Robot gripper

After walking, designing functional hands/grippers has to be the biggest challenge for humanoid robot builders. Packing motors to drive the fingers into a small space and designing the necessary linkages can be extremely difficult.

Fortunately, Lego Mindstorms are an excellent tool for prototyping ideas and concepts before committing any design to the point of actually cutting metal. Here’s a good example of a prototype double jointed gripper with two fingers using a single motor for each finger.


One thought on “Prototyping Complex Robot Gripper Designs (Video)

  1. Yes, a tough set of challenges. Functional, robust, affordable mechanical arms and grippers are the starting place. A complete solution also has to include object and force sensing. Rapid tools do help a lot (plus they are just plain fun!).

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