Open Source => Better Robots

Surveyor robot gphone

While Apple seems totally determined, way beyond any logic, to lock down and lock up the iPhone, the totally open approach of Google and the growing crowd of Android developers is rapidly attracting new and exciting applications.

Our latest favorite is based on the popular SRV-1 robot controller developed by Surveyor Corporation. So far three different demo projects using the Android G1 phone as a robot control console have been developed.

The first project, developed by Jeffrey Nelson (Macpod Softward), takes the utmost advantage of both the G1 phone and the SRV-1 robot platform.

Another project, developed by Surveyor, implements the G1 phone with a prototype SRV-1 Blackfin robot:

And finally, an aerial project using the YARB Robotic Blimp:

The Google Code project is open source and available online here:


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