New French Robotics Development Community Established


Aldebaran Robotics, famous for developing the leading edge Nao humanoid robot, and Cap Digital have teamed up to establish ‘Cap Robotique’, a new center for robotics development in France.

Lead by Aldebaran with proven robotics expertise, Cap Robotique is expected to become a focal point bringing together a wide variety of robot related companies to share and leverage their combined technology and business know-how.

One of the most exciting initial Cap Robotique projects is ‘Romeo’ with a 3 year goal of developing a tall, autonomous robot that will be of practical use to the general public.

Here’s the English version of the Aldebaran Robotics press release:

Cap Robotique: the first companies and laboratories community within a business clusterdedicated to the robotics industry in France

“The creation of a branch dedicated to the domestic service robotics within the Cap Digital business cluster is very good news. On one hand, it shows the government’s will to not miss the starting robotic revolution. On the other hand, it emphasizes the will of the major French protagonists to evolve together. France is strong in terms of robotics and its vocation is to become a leadercountry in this new industry. Cap Robotique is the perfect tool to succeed in.” explains Bruno Maisonnier, the Aldebaran Robotics chairman and founder.

Led by Aldebaran Robotics and supported by Cap Digital, Cap Robotique is opened to every company or laboratory which wants to bring its expertise to the French industry of the domestic servicerobotics.

The cluster gathers yet prestigious protagonists like the CEA LIST or the CNRS LAAS, but also various innovative start-ups, recognized experts of their fields, like Gostai, Spir.Ops or also Voxler.

The Romeo project is a founding and federative project which aims to design, within 3 years, a general public robot, tall and autonomous, dedicated to the service.

Officially launched the 22th of January of 2009, the project is mainly financed by the “Ile de France” French region, the French DGE and Paris city. Aldebaran Robotics led the consortium in charge of its development, composed of13 world-renowned companies and laboratories.

Aldebaran Robotics - Bastien PARENT | Press |

Cap Digital \ Gaelle ZOVI |

About Aldebaran Robotics ( Based in Paris, Aldebaran Robotics designs and commercializes autonomous humanoid robots. Founded in 2005 by Bruno Maisonnier, the company has today a team of 53 persons, half business and half advanced R&D team. Nao, its first product, was entirely designed and finalized in-house. Humanoid robot, autonomous and interactive, it is entirely programmable and allows the exploration of this new world of domestic service and interactive companion robots. It was defined as the most competitive robot by the RoboCup, a consortium of major international universities (American, European and Japanese universities), and replaced the AIBO made by SONY as the standard platform of this league ( It is already purchased by laboratories and universities throughout the world as a research platform and will be soon available for general public.

About Cap Digital ( Cap Digital is the business cluster for digital content. Today, about 500 members trust it in terms of R&D projects, from both a financial and expertise point of view, and also for the development of their company. Cap Digital supports the research and the innovation with a selective and labeling program and following two major business lines:

-Industrial prospecting: with the industrials and academics associated in the different thematic commissions, the cluster identifies great industrial stakes and future markets.

-Project follow-up: our teams facilitate the projects realization looking for partnerships or financing.


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