FIGARO – The Lawn Barber Robot (Video)


We’ll agree that designing a lawnmower robot is challenging enough, but why settle for just mowing the lawn? What the world really needs is a lawn barber robot!

One of the more interesting, and creative projects in the PIC32 Design Challenge, the FIGARO robot design not only trims the grass, it can create ‘crop circle’ like patterns in your lawn.

Based on the PIC32 microcontroller, the robot uses a hexapod mobility platform (6x3 = 18 degrees of freedom), an extendable cutting arm that allows cutting the grass to different heights, ultrasonic telemetry for posiitioning, and obstacle recognition.

The logo patterns to be cut are created on the users PC, and transferred to FIGARO using an SD card. For large patterns, the robot recognizes when it’s battery is getting low and automatically finds it’s way back to the recharging station.


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