A New Robot That Looks Just Like You

Robot clone

Hiroaki Koike runs a little company with a huge idea. His company, appropriately named ‘Little Island’, combines superb craftsmanship and attention to detail, doll making skills, special personalization techniques, and a knowledge of robot and networking technology to break into a completely new market.

Located just north west of Tokyo, in the Saitama Industrial Technology Center, Koike and his staff create custom robots and dolls that look just like their customers, or more often, their customers children.

Within six weeks of placing their order and supplying Little Island with a photo, customers can receive a doll or robot that closely resembles the photo. Of course the dolls themselves are interesting, but what really got us excited were the more functional robots.

Robot clone detail

Equipped with interactive touch switches, a camera, microphone, surprisingly realistic voice, multiple servos for movement, and a lan connection, the Little Island robot dolls quickly draw you into the experience. It’s easy to forget that you are actually interacting with a robot.

Robot clone bride

The centerpiece of Little Island’s product lineup is a ‘bride’ robot that not only looks like the bride, it can actually wave and greet wedding reception guests and interact with them. We’re assuming that the company could also supply a ‘groom’ robot, but no one ever pays much attention to the groom on wedding days.

The company has an English website (see below), and indicated that they are very interested in overseas customers. Although they don’t have online ordering in English setup yet, they welcome inquires via their contact page.

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